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Preventing Glasses from Fogging When Wearing a Mask

In light of COVID-19, the CDC recommends wearing a simple cloth facemask whenever it is impossible to maintain a six-foot distance from people who do not live in your house while in public. Depending on where you live, this recommendation may actually be a requirement prior to entering a business or establishment. It is absolutely the requirement at Seeta Eye Center – both for patients and staff.

The Four Stages of Visual Growth

Newborns, while possessed with the full visual capacity to see objects and colors, can only see 8-15 inches away. Over time, distance vision improves, as does the development of color vision, allowing babies with healthy vision to see the world with more clarity right around four months. However, vision development does not stop at this point. In fact, it continues throughout our lives.

July is Global Vision Correction Month

If you have been considering vision correction surgery, now is the time to contact Seeta Eye Centers for a free consultation where you can learn about your options, our technology, and the most effective way to find lasting freedom from glasses and contact lenses. We offer a range of vision correction services at our Fishkill and Poughkeepsie locations, and our board-certified ophthalmologists are among the most respected and trusted eye surgeons in the state of New York.

Dr. Modi Gives Presentation on New Refractive Lens

The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) is one of the leading organizations behind many recent advances in eye surgery technology. At the annual symposium for the ASCRS, Seeta Eye Care Centers' own Highland ophthalmologist Dr. Satish S. Modi gave a presentation on a new type of intraocular lens that has the potential to help millions of patients with cataracts who are thinking of undergoing refractive surgery.

Is Refractive Lens Replacement For Me?

Despite the advances in laser surgery technology over the last decade, many people who come to our Highland area practice are not candidates due to corneal degeneration and other factors. For these patients, refractive lens replacement is the most promising alternative to LASIK, and may even improve on older methods of vision correction.

Ideal candidates for refractive lens replacement:


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