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Having cataracts can cause a lot of changes to your vision. It's an eye disease that is very common among the population. It happens when the lens on the interior of the eye gets cloudy instead of clear. When the lens is clear, the patient can have clear vision. But when it gets to be cloudy, it can affect the clarity of your vision. When a cataract starts in the lens, it likely won't come with any symptoms. But over time, the cataract will get worse and start to affect the way you conduct your life every day. The vision of the patient starts to get blurry, hazy and faded with time. This condition is so common in the elderly that more than half of all patients over 80 either have cataracts or have already undergone cataract surgery. When you need an ophthalmologist near me to test you for cataracts, call our Poughkeepsie, NY, or Yorktown, NY, office to make your eye appointment. 


Signs of Cataracts

Once the condition has progressed past the very earliest stages, you may start to notice some symptoms. The symptoms will increase over time as well as get worse. If you are noticing that your vision is changing, make sure that you see the ophthalmologist for testing. Your vision will eventually become cloudy or blurred once the condition has progressed. Other symptoms you may experience are trouble seeing well at night and being much more sensitive to light. The lightest baht you're used to may suddenly look too bright when you have cataracts. You might also see halos form around these lights, and you may see double. If you have a vision prescription that gets worse and worse every year as an adult, this can be a sign that you have cataracts. 

Risk Factors for Cataracts

Cataracts can happen to anyone, but it is more likely to develop in certain patients. It's common to develop them as people become middle-aged and elderly. Seniors often have to manage their condition for years until the condition has gotten to the point that they need to have surgery to correct their cataracts. You are more likely to get cataracts if you are a smoker or drink alcohol in large quantities. It can also be more prevalent in patients who have had an eye injury, have had upper-body radiation treatments, or have had eye surgery before. If your eyes are exposed to a lot of UV radiation, this is a major cause of cataracts. Genetics also play a role, so you're more likely to develop cataracts if other family members have. 

Cataract Treatment in Poughkeepsie and Yorktown, NY

To see an ophthalmologist near me in Poughkeepsie, NY, or Yorktown, NY, give us a call for an eye exam. 


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