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Lens Implants

Lens Implants 

Seeta Eye offers a variety of elective options when it comes to cataract surgery. These options will require you to make a lifetime decision and should be treated as such. After a comprehensive evaluation, your surgeon will make a recommendation for your specific case. 

Our expert eye doctors not only utilize the most advanced intraocular lens implants on the market, but we also help to develop and test them for FDA approval. As industry pioneers and innovators, we are committed to providing all of our cataract patients with the best care possible to ensure you achieve optimal vision correction. 

Intraocular Lenses We Offer

  • Monofocal lens implants – This is a conventional implant that provides excellent vision after laser cataract surgery, but can only target EITHER best distance or best near vision. 
    • Best Distance Vision- Gives freedom from glasses for all activities BEYOND arm's length (ie- driving, movies, TV, and hiking). However, you will require magnifying glasses for all activities within arm's length. (Ie- reading, sewing, saving, eating, phone or computer use, and shopping). 
    • Best Near Vision- Gives freedom from glasses for all activities WITHIN arm's length (Ie- reading, sewing, shaving, eating, phone use, and shopping). However, you will require distance glasses for all activities beyond arm's length (ie-Driving, movies, TV, and Hiking). 

  • Toric lens implants – Toric implants are used to correct higher levels of astigmatism. They are available both as monofocal and multi-focal implants. 

  • Light Adjustable Lens- As the first customizable IOL, The Light Adjustable Lens delivers superior visual outcomes that non-adjustable IOLs cannot match. This optimization is done by your eye doctor after lens implantation through a series of office-based light treatment procedures that take only a few minutes each.

  • Multi-focal lens implants – Multi-focal implants offer a full range of vision including far, mid, and near vision as well as freedom from dependency on glasses. 

Want More Focus? 

Because your vision is our focus we offer the most sophisticated equipment when it comes to surgery. From advanced intraoperative measurements to all laser surgery we are proud to offer the following elective surgical options. 

  • Ora System With VerifyEye+- The Ora System provides your doctor with real-time intraoperative information about your unique eye. This information allows for a far more precise selection for the correct implant power to be utilized to achieve enhanced vision correction. 
  • LenSx Laser- The LenSx Laser offers a degree of preciseness that cannot be achieved by hand by creating the incisions for cataract surgery opening the capsule and helping to break up the cataract. This device also assists the doctor in achieving the best possible visual results by correcting your corneal astigmatism. 

The cost of each elective surgical add-on will vary and some may not be completely covered by your insurance. Our financing options can assist you with the management of any out-of-pocket costs. Our experienced eye care specialists will help you determine which intraocular lens implant is right for you and can answer any questions you may have during your consultation.

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