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Our Mission

To continue to be leaders in Ophthalmology by providing state-of-the-art quality care through team education, empowerment & inspiration

Vision for All Ages

Between the ages of 0 and 20 our eyes, like the rest of our body, are constantly growing and changing. Clear vision is essential to a person's visual development making routine eye exams key in detecting vision and eye health problems such as refractive errors and Keratoconus.
Those with high astigmatism should be screened for Keratoconus. When detected early Keratoconus can be treated with the use of cross-linking surgery. This procedure is used to strengthen the cornea and prevent the need for a corneal transplant later in life.

Leaders In Ophthalmology & Comprehensive Eye Care 

With more than 45 years of service to eye care patients throughout the Hudson Valley region, Seeta Eye continues to provide you and your family with a lifetime of optimal ocular health and vision. Our dedication to individualized care means that you will always have an eye doctor with a personal investment in your well-being. 

To find out how the experienced eye care professionals of Seeta Eye can cater to your visual needs, call our multispecialty ophthalmology practice today at (845) EYE-CARE (Poughkeepsie: (845) 454-1025, Yorktown Heights: (845) 440-1175). We happily serve patients in Poughkeepsie, Yorktown and Nearby Areas of the Hudson Valley.

 Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Never Miss A Moment

As leaders in Cataract Surgery in the Hudson Valley for over 45 years, Seeta Eye understands that vision is everything. That is why our doctors work with patients to create a treatment plan to best help them reach their unique vision goals. We proudly offer a variety of treatment options,
including standard mono-focal lenses, multifocal intraocular lenses, bladeless laser cataract surgery, light adjustable lens, and more. Don't settle when it comes to your vision, call to set up a cataract consultation today.


See Clearly, Live Freely

As a premier provider of LASIK Surgery, Seeta Eye understands that relying on prescription eyewear such as contacts or glasses can be a hassle. That is why we work with patients to increase their quality of life without compromise. As the only practice in central New York to offer SMILE Flapless LASIK patients can expect quality customized care. Change the way you see the world and ask about your vision correction options when you schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with us.

Corneal Crosslinking

corneal Surgery

Vision For The Future

As leaders in ophthalmology, our corneal specialists are committed to treating and preventing a recurrence of corneal issues while improving your quality of life through meaningful improvement of vision. We offer a variety of treatment options including corneal cross-linking, corneal transplant, DMEK, PTK, and Pterygium surgery. Whether your corneal issues stem from corneal disease, degeneration, or scarring from injury Seeta Eye is here to help you reach your best vision possible.

Dry Eye Center

Relief is in Sight

As a dry eye center of excellence Seeta Eye, offers a variety of treatment options including prescription eye drops, IPL Laser treatment, and punctual plugs to help manage your dry eye disease. Dry eyes are a common eye condition and most often affect people middle-aged or older. Symptoms include excessive tearing, eye fatigue, contact lens discomfort, itchiness, blurred vision, and more. If you are treating dry eyes with artificial tears and see little to no difference then further intervention may be necessary.

Dry Eye Center

Retinal Diseases

Your Vision is Our Focus

If you notice the sudden development of floaters, blurred vision, or loss of vision it may be a sign of a damaged retina. Our retinal specialists can diagnose, manage, and treat retinal conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema, age-related macular degradation, and more. The retina can be affected by things like diabetes, our body's natural aging process, smoking, eye trauma, and family history.

Oculofacial & Plastic Surgery

See Your Full Potential

Oculofacial Plastic Surgery is a specialized area of ophthalmology, which over the years has progressed from the treatment of medical conditions such as drooping eyelids, blocked tear ducts, and tumors of the eyes to include cosmetic reconstruction such as botox, brow lift, and
rejuvenating co2 skin resurfacing. As a member of ASOPRS, our oculofacial plastic surgeon is passionate about improving patients’ quality of life and confidence through reconstructive and cosmetic oculoplastic surgery.

Oculofacial Plastics
  • Cataract

    A cataract is a condition that refers to the clouding of the eye’s lens.

  • Dry Eye

    A common condition that occurs when your tears aren't able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes.

  • Lasik

    Seeta Eye is equipt with a state-of-the-art suite offering the very latest in vision correction technology.

  • Retina

    Common retinal conditions include floaters, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment, and retinitis pigmentosa.

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How Our Team Can Help

Our team of experts is here to diligently provide personalized compassionate eye care for our patients in Poughkeepsie, Yorktown, and Nearby Areas of the Hudson Valley.

Quality Services
Our staff is trained in the most up-to-date techniques and procedures to deliver high-quality care to our patients.
Stat-of-the-art Equipment We continually invest in the most advanced equipment to deliver the best results.

Friendly Staff
whether you are new to our practice or have been seeing us for years we pride ourselves on having a friendly and professional atmosphere that you can rely on for all of your eye health needs.
Individual Approach We take the time to assess your specific eye care needs to create a customized plan to meet your visual goals.


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