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The Wavelight Allegretto Wave System


Our commitment to the quality, safety and precision of the surgical results we achieve for patients is illustrated by the incorporation of the Wavelight Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer Laser System  so that we can perform your laser eye surgery right in the comfort and convenience of our office. Satish Modi, M.D. Cataract & LASIK Surgeon at Seeta Eye in Poughkeepsie & Yorktown Heights, provides our patients Laser Eye Surgery using with the Wavelight Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer Laser System for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The Wavelight Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer Laser System ensures safe and precise laser energy delivery at high speed for vision correction procedures such as LASIK and Blade Free All Laser LASIK. Using the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q. Dr. Modi is able to apply tiny laser pulses to the cornea to sculpt its surface with the utmost accuracy. The high-speed eye-tracker follows the eye’s fastest movements, checking the eye’s positions 400 times per second while ensuring an accurate placement of each laser pulse on the cornea. This makes the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q the safest, most effective eye surgery laser currently available today.

  • Smart Energy Control
    You can have peace of mind that the amount of energy in the laser has been calibrated to exactly the right level. After the beam has been created, it passes through three checkpoints on its way to your eye. At each of these points, the energy level is checked and adjusted if necessary, ensuring that the beam is perfectly attuned at its destination.
  • Eye Tracking Technology
    Due to the remarkable speed of both the eye and the Allegretto Wave® procedure, the laser beam will be constantly and minutely adjusted to the position of your eye at any given time. Every four to six milliseconds, the eye’s location is measured and the internal mirrors of the laser are automatically aligned. Just before the pulse is released, a second check is made to confirm that your eye has not moved. If, at any time, your eye moves too quickly to be measured or moves out of range, the laser will stop and wait for your eye to move back into position.
  • Speed
    Currently, the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser is the fastest vision correction lasers for LASIK available in the United States. For most patients, the actual laser application only takes 2-15 seconds, depending on the amount of correction necessary.  Of course, spending less time under the laser means an easier and less stressful experience during your Laser Eye Surgery procedure.
  • Wavefront Optimized Treatment
    The Allegretto Wave® Eye Q Technology allows Dr. Modi to deliver a treatment zone that can both correct and optimize your vision through a precise optical formula. This technology is called Wavefront Optimized and helps to provide better night vision and glare control for our patients by creating a more natural corneal shape after your correction.

What Is the Difference Between LASIK and Wavelight?

Wavefront technology allows for the most precise LASIK results. With traditional LASIK, a handheld instrument is used to create the corneal flap. With Wavelight, the flap is created with a laser, which may reduce certain risks for complications. What’s more, Wavelight utilizes computer technology to guide the corneal laser for predictable and personalized results, giving Wavefront procedures a more consistent ability to produce crystal-clear vision.

Who Is a Candidate for Wavelight?

The best candidates for Wavefront LASIK are people who are in generally good health and are free from eye disease and disorders, outside of refractive errors. Because it is customizable, Wavelight may be suitable for people with larger pupils and might be better for patients undergoing revision LASIK due to poor results from previous surgery.

The best way to learn if Wavelight or another LASIK option is right for your needs is through a one-on-one consultation at our comfortable Poughkeepsie & Yorktown Heights or Fishkill office.

What Eye Conditions Can the Wavelight Help Treat?

As with all types of LASIK, Wavelight is used to treat refractive errors. These include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Wavefront technology may also allow for the treatment of presbyopia, an age-related refractive error that is traditionally very difficult to treat.

What Are the Benefits of the Wavelight System?

Wavelight technology allows for absolute precision, helping to ensure the most desirable results. Faster, less invasive, and more reliable than traditional LASIK, Wavelight adjusts for eye movement and utilizes smart energy control to optimize outcomes while enhancing patient safety and comfort and well.

How Can I Prepare for the Wavelight?

You will want to avoid certain medications, herbs, and supplements in the days leading up to your procedure. We will provide you with a list during your time in our care. If you are a smoker, you will want to quit in advance of your vision correction surgery. Smoking can exacerbate eye dryness.

Wear comfortable clothing and arrange for a ride to and from your procedure – and make sure you have prepared a place to rest for a day or so following LASIK to give your vision time to adjust.

What Is Recovery Like?

There may be some discomfort – burning, itching, and dryness – in the hours following LASIK. Be sure to use any medications we have prescribed and to follow all aftercare instructions to minimize these issues. Residual dryness and vision fluctuations are to be expected for a few weeks. These issues should self-correct as your eyes adjust.

Most people begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours.

You will want to protect your eyes from water and trauma while you recover, but most activities can be resumed within one week of surgery. During your follow-up visits, we will help you determine when it is safe to resume exercising and engaging in more demanding tasks.  

It can take up to six months for vision to stabilize after LASIK. During this time, we will remain available to you to answer your questions and provide guidance to help ensure the most rewarding experience possible.

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