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LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome affects approximately five million men and women in America over the age of 50, and three out of five are women. However, dry eyes can occur at any age. LipiFlow is a new option for those who haven’t found relief through traditional methods such as warm compress, artificial tears and dietary supplements. The LipiFlow treatment by TearScience helps dry eye patients with lipid deficiency by unclogging the oil glands responsible for creating this portion of your tears.

If you suffer from dry eyes, please contact our eye doctors in Poughkeepsie and Yorktown at (845) EYE-CARE  to schedule your eye exam today. Seeta Eye Care Centers provide eye care and LASIK eye surgery to clients in Yorktown, Poughkeepsie, Hudson Valley, Dutchess County and nearby areas of New York.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Tear production is a vital part of your ocular health. Your tears are made of mucus, salty water and oil. Each substance has a specific responsibility such as:

  • The mucus layer (mucin) lubricates your eyes and enables a smooth surface for tear distribution on your eye.
  • The salt-water layer (aqueous), which also contains proteins and oxygen, makes sure your eye has adequate amounts of nutrients and prevents infection. The aqueous layer sits above the mucin layer.
  • The oil layer (lipid) coats the salt-water layer and is secreted by Meibomian glands, which are located in your upper and lower eyelids. The lipid layer stops evaporation to make sure your eyes have a consistent level of tears.

Dry eye syndrome can be caused by several deficiencies or may be the result of a mechanical issue, which prevents your eyelids from closing completely. Most people with dry eyes have a lipid deficiency, and LipiFlow was specifically designed to increase oil production from the meibomian glands.

What is LipiFlow?

The LipiFlow system works by applying heat and pressure to stimulate meibomian glands. The process involves an activator tucked just below your upper lid and lower lid and above the surface of your eye. The activator then closes your eyelids and applies heat and pressure.

Heat is used to liquefy the contents blocking your glands. The gentle, pulsed pressure moves lipids toward the opening of your meibomian glands to allow your eyes to produce oil and stop tear evaporation. The LipiFlow activator doesn’t touch the surface of your cornea—Pressure and heat are exerted through your eyelids where the glands are located.

Candidates for LipiFlow

Not everyone who struggles with dry eyes will qualify for LipiFlow, though a majority will likely be able to find relief with this innovative system. There are a number of tests, which will evaluate your eyes and determine whether lipid deficiency is the cause of your discomfort. These tests may include:

  1. Symptom evaluation. Millions of Americans experience dry eyes, but very few are severely affected by the dryness. The best candidates for LipiFlow are symptomatic enough for dry eyes to interfere with their quality of life. This evaluation may involve a simple questionnaire about your symptoms and lifestyle.
  2. LipiView system. The LipiView system is a video examination of your eyes. It takes a few seconds and evaluates your blinking function and determines how thick the lipid layer is on your aqueous layer. The system uses this information to figure out if you’re the right candidate for LipiFlow or if another dry eye treatment would benefit you more.

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