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LASIK Candidacy

Though LASIK eye surgery is incredibly safe and highly effective, not everyone is an ideal candidate. Sometimes your vision-correction needs may be better served by an alternative procedure.

At Seeta Eye, we take a personal, individualized approach to LASIK candidacy that considers the needs and goals of each patient. To find out if you are a viable candidate for LASIK eye surgery in Poughkeepsie or nearby areas, please call Seeta Eye at (845) EYE-CARE  to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Am I A Candidate For Bladeless LASIK?

For most healthy adults, bladeless LASIK eye surgery is a viable procedure for vision correction. Millions of people with vision problems benefit from the procedure each year, no longer needing to rely on glasses or continuously refill their contact lens prescriptions. With the help of our advanced diagnostic equipment, our skilled LASIK surgeons can determine whether the procedure is right for you. For most patients, the answer is yes.

However, you may not be ideal candidate if:

  • Your vision prescription has changed recently or frequently
  • Your corneas are thinner than average
  • Your cornea tissue is scarred
  • You suffer from dry eye syndrome

Despite these criteria, sometimes you can be a LASIK candidate. Some conditions, like dry eye syndrome, vary greatly from patient to patient, and other factors may play a role in your final decision. For these reasons, only an experienced LASIK eye surgeon can successfully determine whether or not you are a viable candidate for LASIK surgery.

How Can Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery Benefit Me?

In general, traditional LASIK surgery offers many visual benefits for patients. There are many eye surgeons who still make their incisions using a steel blade, but our bladeless approach is unquestionably one of the most technologically advanced methods of vision correction. Better still, it boasts some of the highest success rates of any surgical eye care procedure available today.

Some of the benefits of bladeless LASIK eye surgery include:

  • Vision correction for problems related to nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia
  • Increased safety for patients during and after surgery
  • Enhanced procedural precision and accuracy for better visual results and a reduced risk of complications

Our experienced LASIK eye surgeons perform all of our LASIK procedures in-house with private equipment maintained by our personal staff to ensure the highest level of care. Other places you can get LASIK surgery prefer to save money by outsourcing important aspects of the procedure to contractors. At Seeta Eye, however, you will always know the person in charge of your surgery, and that person will be overseeing every step, including preparation and recovery.

With more than 45 years of experience, our eye care specialists can help you make an informed decision about pursuing LASIK surgery. If for any reason LASIK eye surgery is not right for you, we can help you determine which alternative procedures might better suit your needs during your personal consultation.

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Your vision is too important to jeopardize with sub-optimal care or one-size-fits-all solutions. The experienced eye doctors and caring staff at Seeta Eye make a point of getting to know you and becoming familiar with your unique vision problems. This allows us to achieve better results in the operating room, and offer better service outside of it. With easy building access and convenient parking, our practices extend this standard of service throughout the Hudson Valley area.

If you live in Poughkeepsie, Yorktown or nearby areas in New York, and you would like to find out more about your LASIK candidacy, contact Seeta Eye at (845) EYE-CARE  today.

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