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If you have been told you are not a good candidate for LASIK because your myopia is too severe or your cornea is too thin, IntraLase technology may be the right procedure for you. Rather than using a metal blade (called a microkeratome) during eye surgery, IntraLase uses only a laser. This is why IntraLase is sometimes referred to as "all-laser” or “bladeless LASIK."

IntraLase was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2001 and has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their vision. Because it is done completely with lasers, patients with corneas that were deemed too thin for traditional LASIK to create a hinged corneal flap may benefit from this procedure.

The best way to determine whether Intralase is the right procedure to address your vision correction needs is to visit our ophthalmologists for an evaluation. Please call 845-454-1025  today to schedule your free consultation at one of our offices, conveniently serving Poughkeepsie and the entire Hudson Valley area.

Corneal Flap

The problem that may occur when the cornea is too thin is that there will not be enough thickness left over to control pressure from inside the eye. Fluid in the eye creates this pressure, and presses against the cornea. When the pressure in the eye is not contained well enough, the cornea will bulge out. This creates a condition known as keratoconus, which will impair eyesight. Using a laser to create the corneal flap minimizes this concern.

The flap is created by the pulses from an excimer laser at a microscopic depth. Tiny bubbles are created on the epithelium, or surface of the cornea, by the laser. The bubbles loosen the connection between the cells, which makes it easier for our LASIK surgeons to create the flap. Thousands of these bubbles are created during the IntraLase procedure.

Advantages of Intralase

Some of the many advantages of IntraLase include:

  • A smoother surface for the laser is created using IntraLase, which is different from the back and forth movement done by a microkeratome blade
  • IntraLase allows people with thin corneas to have laser vision correction whereas traditional LASIK will not
  • IntraLase allows for precise customization of the corneal flap due to its blade-free approach
  • IntraLase patients have reported less trouble seeing in dim light conditions than those who have had other procedures
  • Some studies show IntraLase creates 20/20 vision conditions for more people than other methods

Post IntraLase Recovery

Healing with IntraLase may be faster in some cases than with other types of LASIK. You will use topical antibiotic eye drops provided by our LASIK surgeons in order to keep your eyes moist. Your vision will show immediate improvement, but you may still be sensitive to bright light or have trouble reading for the first few days. This will pass. You should notice improved vision almost immediately following your procedure.

If you have been told you are not a candidate for LASIK, you may be a candidate for IntraLase. Please contact Seeta Eye Centers today to schedule a free Intralase consultation. We serve patients in Poughkeepsie, Yorktown, and the nearby Hudson Valley areas.