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Treatment for Glaucoma | PoughkeepsieAs one of the leading causes of blindness, glaucoma affects more than 65 million people worldwide. Because glaucoma doesn’t actually produce noticeable disturbances in vision until it has progressed significantly, the best way to detect and successfully treat the condition is with regular eye exams and specialized care.

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What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma refers to a complex condition of the eye affected by elevated intraocular pressure that can damage the optic nerve to cause peripheral vision loss.

There are several different types of glaucoma including:

  • Open angle glaucoma (the most common type of glaucoma)
  • Angle closure glaucoma (also referred to as acute glaucoma)
  • Secondary glaucoma (caused by injury, cancer, infection or other alternative sources)
  • Pediatric glaucoma (children born with elevated pressure due to genetics)
  • Normal tension glaucoma (when the optic nerve is damaged without elevated pressure)

Generally if members of your immediately family suffer from some type of glaucoma, especially your siblings, it is likely that you are at risk for glaucoma too. The best way to monitor your ocular health for glaucoma is with regularly scheduled general eye care exams.

Glaucoma Treatment

Though glaucoma is often treatable, it is not a curable condition. The best way to effectively control the vision-loss associated with glaucoma is by detecting its presence early on.

Some of the most common treatment options for glaucoma include:

  • Eye drops – Many cases of glaucoma can be successfully treated with the use of eye drops specifically designed to lower intraocular pressure, especially for patients suffering from open angle glaucoma.
  • Laser treatments - For glaucoma that cannot be controlled with eye drops alone or for patients who experience unpleasant side effects, laser treatment is a safe and effective alternative for preventing glaucoma-related vision loss.
  • Surgical procedures – In a limited number of cases, neither eye drops nor laser treatments will provide adequate treatment, and surgery may be required.

During your personal evaluation, our experienced eye care professionals can help you determine which method of glaucoma treatment is right for you.

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