Dry Eye Syndrome and LASIK

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While dry eye syndrome may prevent certain LASIK candidates from proceeding with surgery, it is an obstacle that can be potentially overcome with the right treatment. Additionally, the common dry eye complication associated with post-LASIK recovery is often temporary and resolved naturally. This means that in general, even with the presence of dry eyes, you can still achieve successful results with LASIK eye surgery.

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Dry Eye Syndrome and LASIK Candidacy

At Seeta Eye Centers, your safety is our priority, which means we will never perform a procedure unless we know it will be both a safe and effective solution for improving your vision.

If you suffer from dry eyes, our eye doctors will take as much time as needed to fully assess your condition so we can determine whether or not it is feasible for you to pursue LASIK eye surgery.

Sometimes your dry eyes can be successfully treated allowing you to proceed with LASIK treatment, but for some LASIK candidates, dry eye syndrome can have adverse effects on your procedure.

If you are an unsuitable LASIK candidate, our eye doctors may recommend alternative vision improvement procedures such as:

With more than 45 years serving the Hudson Valley area, we make a commitment to helping you find the absolute best solution for your eye care needs.

Dry Eye Complications After LASIK

Post-operative dry eye syndrome is one of the most common types of LASIK eye surgery complications. The good news is that it is often only temporary and patients usually recover naturally without the need for additional treatment.

In some circumstances however, our eye doctors may prescribe lubricating drops or other treatments, particularly for patients who have suffered from dry eye syndrome prior to surgery.

The best way to determine how dry eye syndrome will affect your LASIK candidacy is to schedule a personal consultation with our experienced LASIK surgeons.

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