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October 07, 2015
  Eye surgeons and scientists in London have performed a procedure on a patient aiming to cure her blindness, which was caused by age-related macular degeneration. If the procedure is successful, it could possibly lead to a cure for macular degeneration-related blindness in the future. As the leading cause of blindness for older Americans (over the age of 55), macular degeneration adversely... Read More
October 02, 2015
When choosing an eye surgeon, it's important to be careful in your selection. After all, this is a person who will be working with one of the most sensitive and fragile parts of your body, performing a surgery that leaves no room for error. At Seeta Eye Care Centers, we seek to provide the best Highland eye surgeons to perform your LASIK surgery, refractive lens replacement, or other optical... Read More
October 01, 2015
As the most well-known and oldest version of vision correction surgery, LASIK is usually the process you will inquire about when you decide to fix your vision. At Seeta Eye Care Centers, we know our Highland LASIK eye surgery can be a life-changing procedure, but we also offer a other surgeries that may do a better job of fixing your specific vision issues. LASIK, as you may know, is a procedure... Read More
October 01, 2015
There are several reasons why you may decide to get intraocular lenses. In the past, if you had multiple vision problems, an intraocular lens could only correct one of them. But thanks to technological innovation, our practice in Highland can offer ReSTOR Intraocular Lenses that correct both cataracts and presbyopia while using a single lens! Current intraocular lenses can treat a variety of... Read More
September 18, 2015
Poughkeepsie LASIK and PRK are laser vision treatments that both treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is the predecessor to LASIK and is still used today. The major difference between PRK and LASIK is that during LASIK surgery, a small flap is created in the cornea in order to reshape the underlying stromal layer, while in PRK surgery, the... Read More
August 25, 2015
School is starting soon in New York: Poughkeepsie School District is set to begin classes on September 9, while the first day of class for kids in Highland School District is a day earlier, on September 8 (sorry, Highland kids!). If your children are going to school in the next two weeks, you probably have a lot to do: getting their immunizations, buying them folders with their favorite Star Wars... Read More
August 20, 2015
National Eye Exam month falls in August of each year—just in time for back to school. Vision correction is needed by over 12 million Americans, but nearly half of all children under 12 have never had their eyes examined by an ophthalmologist. In Highland, the best way to catch a vision problem that can interfere with learning is a thorough eye exam. Reasons to Get Checked An estimated one in... Read More
July 31, 2015
When our eyes are self-moisturizing correctly, we tend to take it for granted. We don’t think about how our eyes continuously manage to stay moist in a dry environment, or what would happen if it stopped. If you regularly get dry eye syndrome, however, you start to appreciate the process a lot more. Dry eye syndrome is caused by an inability of the tear ducts to properly lubricate and moisten the... Read More
July 30, 2015
When you ask your eye doctor about LASIK surgery, it's normal to experience some sticker shock when you first hear the cost. While the total cost of LASIK varies from patient to patient depending on the particulars of your procedure, the average cost for LASIK in the United States is around $2000 per eye. Obviously, getting your eyes permanently fixed with LASIK is going to cost a lot more than... Read More
July 21, 2015
Too much exposure to the sun can be bad for your eyes, increasing your risk for cataracts or other growths in the eye, from pterygium to pinguecula. All of these conditions can damage your sight, make your eyes feel irritated and uncomfortable, and require expensive surgery to correct. The best way to avoid them is to wear sunglasses that block UV rays. We often tend to overlook the eyes when it... Read More