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August 29, 2016
If you have adapted to poor vision for many years before seeking LASIK laser eye surgery, you may be surprised at just how much your quality of life can be enhanced with vision correction. Improved vision from LASIK treatment can restore your freedom to live your life unencumbered by the need for glasses or contacts. 1. Enjoy the Outdoors Many outdoor activities are enriched by the ability to... Read More
August 18, 2016
In honor of National Eye Exam Month, Seeta Eye Centers wants to remind you just how important regular eye exams are to your health. Eye exams can detect early symptoms of eye conditions that lead to blindness or severe vision loss. These checkups may save you from losing your eyesight, especially if you’re over the age of 65. Age-related eye conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration... Read More
July 29, 2016
It’s been 25 years since LASIK eye surgery was FDA-approved, and since then, more than 28 million people across the world have been freed from their dependence on glasses and contacts. This vision correction technology has only improved over the years. There are more than 30 lasers currently approved by the FDA for LASIK. Our laser eye surgeons at Seeta Eye Centers are excited to celebrate this... Read More
June 29, 2016
If you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism and are tired of wearing contacts and glasses, LASIK eye surgery is a simple, bladeless option for you. Take this quiz to find out if you're a good candidate for LASIK:   To schedule a consultation with our ophthalmologist at Seeta Eye Center, please call us at 845-454-1025 . We are proud to serve clients in Poughkeepsie, Fishkill... Read More
June 15, 2016
The ophthalmological periodical Ocular Surgery News (OSN) recently released its Premier Surgeon 300, a list of leading innovators in the field of refractive cataract surgery. The editors and publisher of OSN made their selections based on an extensive knowledge of the field and advances being made within it. Seeta Eye Care Centers’ own Dr. Satish Modi was one of OSN’s selections, and in our... Read More
May 31, 2016
As you get older, the likelihood that you will need cataract surgery increases with every year. Cataract surgery has gotten much shorter and safer over the years, but it still makes many people nervous. Seeta Eye Centers has created an infographic that will help you better understand the basics of cataracts, and the ways removing those cataracts can help improve your life. Feel free to share it... Read More
April 25, 2016
Keeping your face feet away from a glowing screen for hours at a time can be a pain. That’s not just a figure of speech: many of the eye care exams Seeta Eye Centers conducts at our Highland-area practice show people suffering from visible signs of eye strain. If you have ever looked at a screen until your eyes started throbbing with pain, you’ve experienced it before. Not all eye strain is so... Read More
April 21, 2016
One of the primary reasons people hesitate to get LASIK surgery is the chance of coming out of the procedure with dry eye syndrome, which can happen to a small percentage of patients. Fortunately, Seeta Eye Care can treat dry eyes with Prokera®, a corneal bandage that reduces inflammation in the eye and can treat a variety of optical conditions. Because it treats essential medical conditions,... Read More
March 28, 2016
As we come to understand more about the structure of the eye, we can improve the tools and techniques we use to operate on it. Seeta Eye Centers has always maintained a dedication to giving our patients the best technology possible, and we continue this policy with our adoption of Optiwave Refractive Analysis, also known as the ORA System. Intraocular lenses are a relatively new technology, and... Read More
March 21, 2016
At Seeta Eye Centers, we focus on excellent results and a positive patient experience, and it takes every member of our team to make these goals a reality. And just as our ophthalmologists and optometrists are experts in optical surgery and eye care, our professional staff are experts in caring for the needs of our patients. Seeta Eye Centers has been serving the Hudson Valley for a long time, so... Read More