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May 23, 2018
LASIK eye surgery corrects refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. During LASIK, a small flap is created in the outer layer of the cornea, allowing your LASIK surgeon to gently reshape underlying corneal tissue. Once reshaped, the cornea will refract light more accurately onto the retina, allowing for clear sight at a range of distances. LASIK is used to permanently correct... Read More
May 10, 2018
June is Cataract Awareness Month. If you are over the age of 60 and it has been longer than 12 months since your last eye exam, call  845-454-1025 to schedule an appointment at our Poughkeepsie or Fishkill office right away. Cataracts are an age-related vision disorder and the leading cause of vision loss in the United States. While not treatable, natural lenses with cataracts can be removed and... Read More
April 09, 2018
April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month and, if you are a woman, a good time to consider taking steps to protect your long-term visual health. Women are twice as likely as men to develop vision disorders and diseases including macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. This April, consider scheduling an appointment at one of our Hudson Valley locations to have your eyes thoroughly... Read More
March 07, 2018
March is National Save Your Vision Month. Started as a week-long campaign to promote visual health in 1927 by the American Optometry Association (AOA), President Lindon B. Johnson raised its profile to a national observance. In 2005, 78-years after the first Save Your Vision week, the AOA voted to expand the observance to an entire month, giving eye doctors more time to promote visual health in... Read More
February 06, 2018
February is macular degeneration awareness month, serving as a great reminder to schedule your next appointment at the Fishkill or Poughkeepsie office of Setta Eye Centers. Macular degeneration symptoms may be slow to develop and, because there is no cure, catching it early is the most effective way to save your eyesight. One of the most effective ways to slow the progression of macular... Read More
January 17, 2018
There are nearly 20 million cataract surgeries performed yearly – around 3.5 million of those in the U.S. – making it one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the world. Countless men and women who have undergone this surgery have enjoyed restored vision and, in many cases, a reduced need for prescription eyewear. But have these same patients also benefited from life-extension?... Read More
January 04, 2018
Laser cataract surgery offers a precise, safe, and incredibly effective way to remove cataracts without the use of metal surgical tools. Our Poughkeepsie cataract surgeons use the state-of-the-art LenSx® femtosecond laser, providing benefits including: Reduced risk of trauma and thermal injury to the tissue inside of the eye Greater precision through the use of computer-imaging to guide the laser... Read More
December 06, 2017
Laser vision correction, such as LASIK and PRK, are used to correct refractive errors, allowing the men and women who undergo surgery to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. Changes made to the cornea during laser vision correction are permanent and, in many cases, can reduce the need for prescription eyewear even as you age. The American Academy of Cataract and Refractive Surgery... Read More
December 05, 2017
It's difficult coming up with a gift for the holidays that will be meaningful and useful, rather than another expensive thing that will sit on someone's shelf 50 weeks of the year. If you want to give a friend, family member, or loved one a special gift this holiday season, consider helping them restore their sight. Seeta Eye Care Center has the experienced, knowledgeable doctors and professional... Read More
November 14, 2017
  When a natural disaster strikes, it is often necessary to leave home quickly. In the hurry to get children, friends, loved ones, and ourselves to a safer space, it is easy to forget even some of the most basic necessities. For men and women who wear prescription eyewear, that often means leaving behind those things necessary for maintaining and protecting optimal vision. Vision is one of your... Read More