Why You Should Wear Your Sunglasses in Winter

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Wear Your Sunglasses In The Winter to Prevent Cataracts | Highland NY

As the sun sets earlier and earlier each day, it would seem counterintuitive to believe that you should be putting your sunglasses on more. We associate sunglasses with long days at the beach, hiking on a bright summer day, and maybe the glare from the highway on summer road trips. But the truth is, wearing your sunglasses in the winter is a good way to prevent cataracts or other complications like pterygium surgery.

The sun may not come out as long in the winter, but it shines just as bright. It gets help, too: with the ground blanketed in highly reflective snow, you may have sunbeams hitting your eyes from the sky and the ground at the same time! This can lead to serious long-term damage for your eyes. After all, if it's a bad idea to let the sun hit your unprotected skin for hours at a time, think how much worse it must be to let it hit your unprotected eyes.

Long-term UV ray exposure to your eyes can cause:

To protect yourself from these and other conditions, make sure to bring wraparound sunglasses with UV protection during any outdoor activity. If you go skiing, wear UV-protected goggles. If the sun is out, your glasses should be on, but when it starts to set and the light level lowers, take the sunglasses off so you can see better.

If you want to make sure you are doing everything possible to prevent cataracts, contact the Highland eye doctors at Seeta Eye Care Centers! Our ophthalmologists will be happy to examine your eyes and perform cataract surgery, if need be. Our phone number is 845-454-1025 , and we serve Highland and the rest of upstate New York.