Why Should I Wear Sunglasses?

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Why Wear Sunglasses?

There are several reasons to wear sunglasses. To look cool? Sure. Because your future’s so bright? Of course. But most importantly, because UV rays can do serious, lasting, and irreversible damage to your eyes.

Unprotected exposure to UV rays increases the risk for serious issues such as:

Too much exposure to UV rays can also lead to less serious issues such as sunburned eyes and photokeratitis, a painful condition that may be marked by light sensitivity, swelling, and a temporary loss of vision. It should be noted that these less serious consequences of UV exposure can, with repeated instances, lead to the more severe problems of eye cancer, pterygium growth, and the development of cataracts.

Protecting Your Eyes

You can help protect your eyes from UV damage by wearing a hat with a brim wide enough to shade the eyes and avoiding the outdoors during the brightest parts of the day – typically between noon and 3 pm. Most importantly, you can protect your eyes from UV rays by wearing sunglasses at all times when outdoors or in a room made bright by the sun. Remember, clouds do not block UV rays. To fully protect your eyes, you must wear sunglasses at all times when outside. And don’t forget the kids. No one is immune from UV damage. Little ones need eye protection, too.

Sunglasses are one of the best options for protecting your eyes from UV rays, but not just any old pair will do. In fact, the wrong sunglasses can increase your risks for damage by causing pupil dilation without offering full protection. This lets more UV rays into the cornea, which can lead to a more rapid development of sun-related eye disorders. To protect yourself against this, be sure to select sunglasses that block 100% of all UV rays, including UVA, such as those rated UV400.

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