Why LASIK is the Most Popular Form of Vision Correction

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Why LASIK is the Most Popular Form of Vision Correction | Poughkeepsie, YorktownLASIK laser eye surgery has changed the lives of more than 28 million men and women over the past 25 years. The results of this form of vision correction have only improved, and patient satisfaction has reached over 98 percent. LASIK is the most effective surgical procedure for vision correction, and thousands are waiting for their chance at perfect eyesight.

More than 7,000 LASIK studies have been published. The results are incredible—patients are seeing better than ever and their results improve over time. One of our LASIK patients may see 20/20 immediately after surgery, then 20/15 a month later. LASIK technologies and techniques continue to improve, and this is one reason why LASIK is the eye surgery of choice for many patients.

There are dozens of reasons why LASIK is the most popular form of vision correction including:

  • Outstanding results, up to 20/15 or 20/10
  • Painless procedure
  • Fast recovery
  • Lasting results
  • No more inconvenient contact lenses or glasses

Some patients choose LASIK because they’re tired of contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses. Others seek eye surgery because it’s necessary for their career such as athletes or pilots. More and more men and women working in emergency situations are choosing LASIK, so they can focus on saving a life or stopping a criminal instead of being distracted by a lost contact or broken glasses.

LASIK patients are educated and know what to look for in a refractive eye surgeon. Our LASIK surgeon will make sure you know the details of the procedure, how to prepare for your eye surgery and what steps to take during your recovery.

You could be a perfect candidate for LASIK. Call our Yorktown LASIK surgeon to schedule your consultation today at 845-454-1025 . Seeta Eye Care Centers serve patients in Yorktown, Poughkeepsie and surrounding New York areas.