What to do if Your Child has an Eye Injury

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What to do if Your Child has an Eye Injury | Yorktown, New YorkChildren are rambunctious by nature and are bound to suffer some form of eye injury once in their childhood years. August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Our eye doctor in Yorktown wants you to know what steps to take if your child has suffered an eye injury either from an object in the eye, a blow to the eye region or chemical exposure.

The most important things to remember during any of these situations are to remain calm, and wash your hands before touching your child’s eye or eyelid. If your son or daughter is under the age of one, go to the emergency room immediately to prevent long-term damage to their vision. Our eye doctor offers eye care exams for all ages including newborns, toddlers and teens.

Steps to Follow For Object Lodged in Your Child’s Eye

Your instinct may be to pull the object out of your child’s eye, but this can make the injury much worse. Protect their eye by covering it with a paper cup or eye shield, and go to the emergency room. A medical professional can properly remove the object and prevent further harm.

Steps to Take for a Black & Blue Eye

Whether the injury happened while playing a sport or during playtime, a bruised or swollen eye should be taken seriously. If you think there may be a broken bone involved or a head injury, seek medical attention immediately. Otherwise, you can use a cold compress for 20 minutes every hour for 4 hours to reduce swelling, but you should be wary of exerting pressure and worsening the injury.

You can give them over-the-counter, child-safe pain medications such as Advil or Ibuprofen to relieve any discomfort. After several days, you apply a warm washcloth for 10 minutes 3 times a day. Schedule an eye exam at our Yorktown office to make sure there is no lasting vision impairment.

Chemical Exposure Eye Injuries

Chemical eye injuries can be serious if not appropriately treated. First, wash your hands and prevent your child from rubbing their eye. Run water over the eye for 15 to 20 minutes using either a sink, water fountain or any available clean water source. Go to the emergency room or call our eye doctor to make sure the chemical won’t cause permanent eye damage.

If you have questions regarding eye injuries or to schedule an eye exam for you or your child, please call Seeta Eye Center in Yorktown today at 845-454-1025 . Our eye doctor serves clients in Yorktown, Poughkeepsie, Highland and surrounding areas of New York.