The Modi Family Legacy: Nearly 60 Years of Vision Correction

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Dr. Modi offered eye surgery to men and women in Haiti suffering from poverty and disease.
Dr. Shantilal Modi performs a postoperative follow up exam with a patient at the Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti in 1959. Patients would often travel great distances to have access to modern technology and eye care.

Dr. Satish S. Modi is a board-certified ophthalmologist in New York. His thirst for providing excellent eye care to patients began nearly 60 years ago; when his father offered eye surgery to men, women and children in Central Haiti suffering from poverty and disease. Dr. Modi inherited his passion to help the world see clearly from his father and has only furthered the Modi reputation for patient satisfaction.

“Everything we do at Seeta Eye Centers is centered on my father's policy of treating everyone with deference and respect, and providing the very best that modern technology has to offer,” said Dr. Modi.

Six Generations of Ophthalmologists

Dr. Modi offered eye surgery to those suffering from poverty and disease in Haiti
Dr. Modi examines a patient while his wife, Seeta, assists him. Dr. Modi and his wife helped many patients find relief from eye diseases and regain their sight during their time in Haiti.

Dr. Modi’s father—Dr. Shantilal Jivanlal Modi—was the fourth Modi generation to become an ophthalmologist. He was the first candidate of the Indian Medical Association’s exchange visitor program and studied for a year at the Department of Ophthalmology at Goldwater Memorial Hospital in New York.

“At one point, we had Modi Family members who were practicing ophthalmologists on four separate continents,” said Dr. Modi. “I would be, and finally became, the fifth generation of ophthalmologists in my family.”

Dr. Shantilal Modi changed the lives of thousands of men and women over the course of his career. He gave many patients the gift of better eyesight and treated up to 50 patients a day in Haiti for various eye conditions such as:

Treating men and women in Haiti with eye surgery—Dr. Modi
Men, women and children in Haiti wait for an eye exam with Dr. Modi. Many of these patients suffered from common causes of blindness such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. With the help of modern technology available in 1959, Dr. Modi performed thousands of eye surgeries to correct the vision of his Haitian patients. 

In a time where many patients were illiterate and superstitious, Dr. Modi’s father taught nurses, anesthetists and patients about the advantages of modern eye care technology.

“As a teenager, I was constantly with my father when he was working in Haiti…I would watch him interact with the poor indigent patients and the ambassadors of different countries with the same measured approach and facility,” said Dr. Modi. “I, many years later, as a teaching ophthalmologist in Pakistan (amongst other places), took my teenage son to watch surgery and help in the rural clinics. I am proud to say that he is now the sixth generation of ophthalmologists in our family.”

As his father before him, Dr. Modi believes teaching is an important part of being an ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon. He did his ophthalmology clinical training in New York at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and continues to teach as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the school.

The History of Seeta Eye Centers

Dr. Morton Alterman founded our ophthalmology practice in 1965, and Dr. Modi joined the team in 1976. Seeta Eye Centers was named after Dr. Modi’s mother—Seeta Modi—who was also driven to help the poor and served as a technician at the Haiti medical center where they worked.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Modi has carried on his family’s legacy and helped patients get better vision with individualized care. Dr. Alterman retired in 2013; Dr. Modi and Dr. Andreas Wolter continue his vision for the practice.

Dr. Satish S. Modi is a well-known New York cataract surgeon, and patients value his personal touch and gentle demeanor. His talent as an ophthalmic surgeon has been internationally recognized as well as his knowledge of lens implants and cataract surgery.

“Patients seeing better than they have in decades, smiling, hugging, sometimes crying with joy—It does not get more gratifying than that!” said Dr. Modi.

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