The Eye Diseases You’ll Never See Coming

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Eye Disease You'll Never See Coming | Poughkeepsie Eye DoctorsThere are several eye diseases that develop with age that often go undiagnosed until some of your vision has already been lost. Eye conditions such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are leading causes of blindness in America. Cataracts are extremely treatable through cataract surgery, but the others can cause permanent damage to your eyesight before you even realize you have them.

Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma is a sneaky eye disease that often shows no warning signs in the beginning stages. You can live for many years without realizing you have glaucoma until your side vision begins to fade, and eventually, your central vision will be impacted as well. The only way to identify glaucoma in its early stages is through a comprehensive dilated eye exam with one of our eye doctors.

Catching this degenerative eye disease early is vital to saving your vision. Our eye doctors can develop a treatment plan to treat your glaucoma, which could include eye drops, medications or laser surgery.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Symptoms

Similar to glaucoma, AMD often presents with little to no symptoms or pain. Your visual field will likely be the first aspect to suffer, which impacts your ability to read, drive and recognize faces. The two forms of AMD (dry and wet) progress at different rates.

Wet AMD could begin to steal your vision within weeks or months, whereas dry AMD may not severely impact your sight for years. This condition seems to be hereditary. If someone in your family has AMD, you should be examined for AMD.

Diabetic Retinopathy Symptoms

If you have diabetes, your primary doctor has probably spoken to you regarding diabetic retinopathy. The best way to protect your vision from this eye disease is through proper management of your diabetes and regular eye exams. Initially, diabetic retinopathy may not present with symptoms, but over time you may see floaters in your vision as well as experience blurred or fluctuating vision, difficulty with colors and dark spots. Depending on the extent of your condition, treatment for diabetic retinopathy could include better diabetes management, vitrectomy surgery or laser treatments.

Changes in your vision should never be ignored, and regular eye exams can prevent you from permanent vision loss.

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