The Costs and Benefits of LASIK Surgery

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Costs and Benefits of LASIK Surgery | Highland, New YorkWhen you ask your eye doctor about LASIK surgery, it's normal to experience some sticker shock when you first hear the cost. While the total cost of LASIK varies from patient to patient depending on the particulars of your procedure, the average cost for LASIK in the United States is around $2000 per eye.

Obviously, getting your eyes permanently fixed with LASIK is going to cost a lot more than getting a new box of contact lenses, or a new pair of glasses. But comparing LASIK to the cost of a contacts order is misleading, because patients need to get their orders refilled every year. Over the course of your lifetime, you could end up spending over $20,000 on contact lenses, costing yourself much more money than a single LASIK procedure.

And LASIK offers several advantages over glasses, including:

  • Greater peripheral vision
  • Fewer limitations in your daily activities
  • No reliance on expensive and fragile lenses
  • No need for expensive prescription sunglasses
  • Able to see well all day in all situations
  • No danger of losing your glasses

At Seeta Eye Care Centers, we make the cost of LASIK much more convenient with our financing options. You can pay for your treatment up front, or you can use CareCredit to set up an interest-free payment plan. We want to make your treatment easy on your wallet while still providing you with top quality care, and our financing helps make this a reality.

To learn how much your LASIK procedure will cost, set up an appointment with the ophthalmologists at Seeta Eye Care Centers. Contact us through this website or by calling 845-454-1025  today. We serve patients in Highland, Poughkeepsie, Yorktown, and throughout the Hudson Valley.