Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

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When you get your first set of contact lenses, the products and maintenance instructions you are given can seem a little intimidating. Because contact lenses spend most of the day in your eyes, you want to make sure that you properly clean and maintain them, so as not to aggravate your eyes unnecessarily.

The most important things you need to care for your contacts are a bottle of contact cleaning/disinfecting solution and a lens case. If you take your contacts out at night, you should fill the lens case with solution and put the contacts inside. Just before putting your contacts in, rub the lens in your hand with a small amount of solution. Make sure to wash your hands before handling contact lenses. Many people forget that their contacts will only be as clean as whatever's on their hands.

Another mistake many people make is keeping the same contact lens solution in the lens case. You should empty this every morning when putting your contacts in, and fill it up with new solution every evening before taking them out.

Before you change anything about your current contacts routine, however, you should discuss it with your ophthalmologist beforehand. Be sure to mention any issues you've been having with your contacts, and how often you are changing out the lenses. Your ophthalmologist may be able to recommend additional products that will make your experience with contacts more comfortable.

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