Take Care of Your Children’s Eye Health and Safety

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School is starting soon in New York: Poughkeepsie School District is set to begin classes on September 9, while the first day of class for kids in Highland School District is a day earlier, on September 8 (sorry, Highland kids!). If your children are going to school in the next two weeks, you probably have a lot to do: getting their immunizations, buying them folders with their favorite Star Wars characters on it, and, of course, scheduling an eye exam before they go to school.

Many parents forget this last step, because they do not realize how important regular eye exams are important for your children. Eye exams can detect any serious issues with their ophthalmological health, and can even improve school performance. Classes involve a lot of visual learning and many children fall behind every year because they have difficulty seeing the lessons their teacher is writing on the board. By making sure your children have 20/20 vision in class, you help ensure their success in the coming school year.

Your children may require an eye exam if:

  • They frequently squint or rub their eyes
  • They tilt their heads when they look at objects
  • They have a “wandering eye” that moves independently
  • They are holding books very close to, or very far away from, their faces
  • There is any discoloration or persistent redness in their eyes

You can schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologists at Seeta Eye Centers to make sure your child gets care from the best eye care professionals in the greater Dutchess County area. Our experienced ophthalmologists will examine your children’s eyes for any problems, and can also educate them about the importance of protecting their eyes when playing sports.

To make an appointment with Seeta Eye Care Centers today, contact us at 845-454-1025 . Our eye doctors serve patients in Highland, Poughkeepsie, Yorktown, Carmel, and the rest of Dutchess County.