Sunglasses: The Cool Way to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

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Too much exposure to the sun can be bad for your eyes, increasing your risk for cataracts or other growths in the eye, from pterygium to pinguecula. All of these conditions can damage your sight, make your eyes feel irritated and uncomfortable, and require expensive surgery to correct. The best way to avoid them is to wear sunglasses that block UV rays.

We often tend to overlook the eyes when it comes to sun protection. You wouldn't dream of going to the beach without putting on sunscreen first, but many people are fine with exposing their eyes, a much more sensitive part of the body, to the sun for hours.

Some important things to remember about caring for your eyes:

  • Only sunglasses labeled "UV400" or "100% UV Protection" actually protect your eyes from the sun
  • Darker sunglasses are NOT necessarily more protective than lighter ones
  • Your eyes can be damaged by UV rays even when it's cloudy outside
  • Taking antibiotics may make your eyes more sensitive to UV rays
  • Blue, green, or hazel eyes are all more sensitive to UV rays
  • Wearing a hat with your sunglasses further increases your UV protection

With all the extra sunshine, outdoor activities, and increased vacations to the beach in the summer, your eyes are much more likely to get some heavy UV exposure. Sunglasses are a great way to reduce this exposure, and therefore reduce your risk for cataracts or other painful conditions. Not only that, but the right pair of sunglasses will work as a fashion statement. There's no cooler way to practice optical health.

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