Sports Eye Safety Month

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Protective Eyewear

April is Sports Eye Safety Month, and a good time for athletes to truly consider how best to protect their eyes. Some sports pose more threat to the eyes than others, but even things like swimming can cause harm to the eyes when protective eyewear is not used.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the most dangerous sport for the eyes is basketball. With more than 5,000 injuries yearly, a recent study has found eye injury cost the NBA $2.4 million last season and an average of 18 games missed by each injured player. This is significantly higher than the rate of eye injury in baseball and almost five times as high as the number of eye injuries in football. Much of this has to do with a blanket refusal by players at all levels – from high school to professional – to wear goggles.

Protective Eyewear is Important

The most common eye injuries sustained while playing sports are:

  • Corneal Abrasion
  • Torn Retina
  • Orbital blowout fracture

Because most sports-related eye injuries are caused by blunt force trauma, black eyes and bruises are common as well.

Even minor eye injuries can cause serious pain. Blurry vision, double vision, and similar problems with acuity are common with sports eye injuries as well, which can reduce proficiency and interfere with playing the game. This is made all the more unfortunate when you consider this: studies have shown that 90% of eye injuries could be prevented with the use of protective eyewear.

So, what’s your excuse?

Not Your Grandparent’s Goggles

Modern sports goggles are designed for optimal comfort. Many modern designs are fog-resistant and offer unobstructed peripheral vision. Some are designed to stay in place. Some are designed to prevent skin irritation. All are designed to protect the eyes – and without them, you are at heightened risk for vision loss.

We strongly encourage athletes of all types to consider protective eyewear. Even bicycling, weight lifting, and other individual forms of exercise come with risks of eye trauma, making it best to don the lenses whenever you engage in athletic pursuits.

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