Recovering from Cataract Surgery

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Recovery Process for Laser Cataract Surgery | Highland, NY

After you have undergone laser cataract surgery at our Highland-area ophthalmological practice, the hard part is over. Your eye doctor has replaced the cataract-clouded lens of your eye with a separate intraocular lens that can also fix existing vision problems, and now you need to give your body the time it needs to heal. But what are the actual limits on your activity?

You may believe that, because your eyes were the primary location of the operation, it is only your eyes that you need to be careful with. And you should be careful with your eyes, using medicated eye drops regularly for the next few weeks after the surgery to increase the odds of success for the operation. You should also wear the wraparound sunglasses you get after the operation to prevent your light-sensitive eyes from hurting.

The precautions do not stop there, however. Ophthalmologists recommend you also refrain from:

  • Any strenuous activity
  • Lifting more than 25 pounds
  • Exercise of any sort
  • Using pools or hot tubs
  • Exposing your eye to dust or other foreign contaminants

Most of these rules are put in place to prevent infection. In communal bodies of water like pools and tubs, water can splash in your eye, potentially inviting bacteria or viruses. Other activities increase the risk of trauma or post-surgery complications.

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