National Save Your Vision Month

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National Save Your Vision Month | Yorktown, NY March is National Save Your Vision Month. Started as a week-long campaign to promote visual health in 1927 by the American Optometry Association (AOA), President Lindon B. Johnson raised its profile to a national observance. In 2005, 78-years after the first Save Your Vision week, the AOA voted to expand the observance to an entire month, giving eye doctors more time to promote visual health in their own communities.

During National Save Your Vision Month, it is a good idea to revisit habits you may have developed that are damaging your eyes. These include:

  • Using tobacco products – smoking increases risks for macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and dry eye syndrome. Some of the damage cigarette smoking does to vision is irreversible. Others may self-correct, to an extent, in the years after you have quit.
  • Failing to wear sunglasses when outside – unprotected exposure to UV rays increases risks for macular degeneration, cataracts, photokeratitis, and retinal damage. UV-related vision loss may be slow or quick to progress and, when damage is significant enough, temporary or permanent blindness is a possibility.
  • Choosing an unhealthy diet – making sure your diet is composed primarily of fresh, whole, and nutrient-dense foods can help slow the progression of macular degeneration and may help reduce risks of developing certain vision disorders and diseases.
  • Failing to regulate diabetes – the National Institutes of Health suggests that between 40 and 45% of people with diabetes will develop diabetic retinopathy. This vision-stealing condition occurs when uncontrolled blood sugar levels cause damage to the tiny blood vessels in the eyes. Diabetic retinopathy may be untreatable in some cases, but when caught early enough, treatment that can slow its progression and help guard against blindness is possible.

Many eye disease and disorders are treatable. However, damage caused by certain types of eye disease will be irreversible. This is one of the largest reasons you should commit to seeing an eye doctor yearly after the age of 60. More frequent visits earlier in life may be necessary as well, particularly if you show early signs of age-related vision disorders.

During your routine visits to our Yorktown or Poughkeepsie location, we will carefully assess the health of your eyes and create a schedule or treatment plan based exclusively on your needs.

Why Choose Seeta Eye Centers

Seeta Eye Centers was founded by Dr. Morton Alterman in 1965. Since it’s founding, our goal has been to provide exceptional eye care services to men and women living throughout the Hudson Valley. Our doctors utilize advanced technology and proven techniques to help ensure the most pleasing and long-lasting results – and each service is tailored to the exact need of the patient, enabling us to provide an experience that is entirely patient-focused.

If you live in Dutchess County or anywhere in the Hudson Valley area, we encourage you to take steps this month to save your vision by scheduling an examination. Call us at 845-454-1025  to set one up at our Poughkeepsie or Yorktown location today.