My Thrilling LASIK Experience Story

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Having LASIK surgery through Dr. Modi’s office has been an absolutely wonderful and thrilling experience! Such a surgical procedure has to be a personal decision made by each individual after serious consultation with their doctor. However the Team at the Poughkeepsie Offices of Dr. Modi is friendly, warm, professional and know what they are doing. They very calmly and unobtrusively convinced a very anxious 58 year old man (Me) that despite the potential drawbacks that come with many medical procedures the potential of LASIK surgery, using the very latest techniques, and Dr. Modi’s years of professional expertise, could result in what I am now experiencing.

Since being in the First Grade (remember I said I’m now 58) I had to wear glasses and go to a doctor’s office for eye exercises because I had a “lazy eye”. In other words my eyes did not focus together on any one object. Though with corrective lenses I had close to 20/20 eyesight I was not focusing with both eyes, and my brain was interpreting what was happening so I saw one image, usually from my right eye, and ignored the other image from my left. When I concentrated I could sometimes merge the images but it took considerable effort and was distracting for my entire life.

As a child the eyeglass lenses grew thicker. By 1972 I switched to soft contact lenses, and the little disinfecting pots that were available before chemical disinfection. Better than glasses but still not quite 20/20 and by then the discrepancy between the vision in my two eyes had grown worse. Actually “seeing” one image with both eyes is what gives most of us depth perception. Since I only saw out of my dominant eye, the clarity and perception of the images I saw was lacking. However I had never experienced proper vision with both eyes so I really did not know what I was missing. When I reached 50 I was still wearing soft contact lenses but now I needed reading glasses as well; and the discrepancy between my two eyes grew so one was 20/175 and the other 20/450. I wasn’t comfortable with extended wear lenses; so, between carrying around reading glasses and dealing with the soft lenses; I just decided it was easier to wear one pair of eyeglasses for both. When I came to work in Poughkeepsie in 2010 I found that several of my colleagues had seen Dr Modi and had successfully completed Lasik Surgery. It became something I started to consider but to say I was apprehensive would be a gross understatement. I kept coming back to the idea that I could see and going through surgery that might have an unintended result was not a wise choice. However after further discussions at work, I decided to look into the procedure.

WOW!!!!!!!!! My surgery was a success, but I never imagined the benefits I am experiencing. When I am rested and looking to the horizon as I drive home each and every day I now see what everyone else has been looking at all their lives. What a beautiful mixture of colors in the Fall! 

The depth of the trees lining Hudson Valley’s mountainsides is magnificent! The clarity of the view with my new 20/15 eyesight with both eyes focused on the same horizon is truly a gift!

Though I still have to concentrate to see one sight with both eyes, it has never been this easy, and what I am seeing for the first time in my life cannot be appreciated until you really SEE the beauty of God’s nature around us.

I can’t thank Dr. Modi, Stacey, and the professional staff at Seeta Eye Center in Poughkeepsie enough! I can’t believe what I didn’t even know what was possible with normal eyesight. It’s an exciting and thrilling experience!

Thank you!

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