LASIK Celebrates 25 Years of Vision Correction

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LASIK laser eye surgery celebrates its 25th anniversaryIt’s been 25 years since LASIK eye surgery was FDA-approved, and since then, more than 28 million people across the world have been freed from their dependence on glasses and contacts. This vision correction technology has only improved over the years. There are more than 30 lasers currently approved by the FDA for LASIK.

Our laser eye surgeons at Seeta Eye Centers are excited to celebrate this anniversary and share the advancing benefits of LASIK. Over time, the long-term LASIK success rate has increased and recovery time is down to one to three days!

This innovative technology was developed in 1991, but LASIK is an ever-changing process. Each year, more lasers are developed to offer 20/20 or better vision. The basic LASIK procedure involves creating a flap from the outer layer of your eye (the epithelial layer) and reshaping your cornea using a laser. Once the laser has corrected your cornea shape, the flap is folded back over your eye, which allows for quicker healing. This technique can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Some men and women are not candidates for LASIK. Our Highland office and other locations offer alternative treatments for vision irregularities and eye conditions including:

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