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“I am writing this on just about the one year anniversary of my PRK laser eye surgery-with 20/15 vision. At no time in my life has my vision been this good. I had worn glasses on and off since 9th grade. Looking back I probably needed them sooner, because when playing Little League, I had a very difficult time picking up a pitched ball. For a while it wasn't absolutely necessary to wear them and I could get by without them, but I noticed in college that it was becoming more difficult to see without them. I wanted to become a police officer, and my vision was just good enough to pass the eye exam, but then it got worse.

I began wearing soft contact lenses on a daily basis. At first everything was fine. There was the added expense compared to glasses, but I was comfortable in contacts and I did not want to wear glasses while at work. It was very difficult to function with glasses working outside in all kinds of weather, day and night. After being outside in the cold, getting into a warm car or entering a warm building would cause the lenses to fog. In rain, the lenses would become wet and be difficult to see through. Also, there was always the chance that I could lose or break them. Since I was doing a lot of driving and work outside, I needed prescription sunglasses.


For about fifteen years I wore contacts almost exclusively and rarely wore glasses. I then began to notice that my eyes could not tolerate the contact lenses as well as they once were able to. Especially in the winter-time I began to notice that the heater in the car would make my eyes very dry and the contacts were painful. I was continually using re-wetting drops to lubricate the contacts. Sometimes, I would be forced to wear contacts for extended periods of time, which is not healthy and became very uncomfortable. I then decided I would resume wearing glasses and deal with the annoyances. I soon realized that all outdoor activities, such as playing golf, mountain bike riding, and swimming to name a few, were much more difficult to do with glasses. I always had a difficult time picking out a pair of glasses I liked and often felt that I never found the right ones. I wore glasses non-stop for about three or four years, and during that time my eyes became progressively worse and I reached the point where i could not see without my glasses.

At that point my wife suggested that I consider LASIK. I know someone who had the procedure done about fifteen years ago, before lasers were used, and this made me a little nervous. I thought about it and decided to go for a consultation to learn about the process. I was concerned that "something could go wrong" and I would see worse than I did before, or maybe have even more severe complications. I now realize that the procedure is totally safe, as long as you follow the doctor's instructions. After I was told I was a candidate for PRK and this procedure was explained to me, I told the office I needed some time to think about it. I went home and thought about it for a few days. Anyone considering this procedure knows that it is not inexpensive and it is not covered by insurance. I learned the procedure is very safe and the recovery time was minimal, so the expense was my last consideration. I ultimately decided that it would be a good investment, and it would make my life easier having perfect vision. I have always been a little jealous of people who have perfect vision, because no one in my family does. I had the surgery, which was quick and painless. The biggest complication was the fact it was the weekend of the October 2011 snowstorm, and we lost power for several days. Fortunately, we had a place to go and I recovered without any complications, and I was almost back to normal by Monday. I tell everyone I talk to about LASIK that I would pay triple the amount it actually costs to have the life I have now, without glasses or contacts. Several of my colleagues have had Lasik, and they have enjoyed the same success I have had. It is nothing less than amazing medical technology, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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