Laser Cataract Surgery: What to Expect

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Laser cataract surgery offers a precise, safe, and incredibly effective way to remove cataracts without the use of metal surgical tools. Our Poughkeepsie cataract surgeons use the state-of-the-art LenSx® femtosecond laser, providing benefits including:

  • Reduced risk of trauma and thermal injury to the tissue inside of the eye
  • Greater precision through the use of computer-imaging to guide the laser
  • Greater ease of removal with ultrasound technology
  • Reduced recovery time

Our bladeless cataract surgery can also help correct astigmatism while removing the clouded lens, helping reduce your reliance on glasses after your procedure.

While laser cataract surgery enjoys a remarkable success rate, it can still be frightening to consider when you’re not certain exactly what to expect. The video below explores this process by following one of our patients.

In this video, board-certified cataract surgeon Dr. Satish Modi discusses laser cataract removal, intraocular lenses, what can be expected during surgery, and what may occur during the recovery process. Dr. Modi also discusses potential risks and complications, along with tips on how to deal with vision adjustment in the weeks following the removal of your cataract.

In this second video, we continue our exploration of the laser cataract surgery procedure. Following the same patient, this video covers preparation on the day of surgery, the procedure itself, and the period between surgical completion and going home, while you are still in our care. In this video, Dr. Modi discusses the LenSx® laser in greater detail to provide even more information about this remarkable breakthrough in cataract removal.

These videos can give you a better idea of what to expect before, during, and after bladeless cataract surgery, but the best way to learn how this procedure can benefit you is through a one-on-one consultation with a cataract surgeon at Seeta Eye Centers. If you live in Hudson Valley and are considering cataract surgery, give us a call at 845-454-1025  to schedule a free consultation at our Yorktown or Poughkeepsie office today.