How To Prepare for LASIK Surgery

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Our eyes go through a lot of change as we age. Usually, vision issues begin to creep up as people grow older. In many cases, however, vision changes can occur for other reasons besides aging. Regardless of why your vision is not where you want it, LASIK may be a great option for achieving near-perfect vision in a quick and simple office visit.

There are specific types of LASIK procedures, but they all work using the same process. Once your eye is numb, a small flap is created in the cornea. A laser then reshapes the tissue of the cornea, and the flap is closed. The procedure takes around 10 minutes per eye, and most patients report having nearly perfect vision within a few days.

Although LASIK has been performed for decades with a very high success rate, there are several things you can do to prepare for your procedure. If you are a contact wearer, your doctor will ask you to stop wearing them up to 14 days before your surgery.

In many cases, you can wear them up to 7 days before. However, those with toric lenses used to treat astigmatism will need to abstain for 2 weeks. During the consultation, your doctor will discuss what you will need to do to prepare, including when to stop wearing contacts and stop using eye drops, if applicable.

Other things you can do to help prepare for LASIK surgery are to avoid caffeine and drink plenty of water before your procedure. Since you will need to be as relaxed and still as possible during the surgery, avoiding caffeine beforehand will help reduce the chance of unneeded anxieties or movements. Increasing your water consumption will help your body get a jumpstart on healing from the procedure, and building healthy and strong tissues around the eye.

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