How the ORA System Can Improve Cataract Surgery

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Improving Cataract Surgery with the ORA System | Highland

As we come to understand more about the structure of the eye, we can improve the tools and techniques we use to operate on it. Seeta Eye Centers has always maintained a dedication to giving our patients the best technology possible, and we continue this policy with our adoption of Optiwave Refractive Analysis, also known as the ORA System.

Intraocular lenses are a relatively new technology, and we’re still figuring out the possibilities they offer. For a long time, treating astigmatism with IOLs was impossible, but the development of toric lenses made it possible to do so. The ORA System makes the process easier on the doctor and patient alike by offering the following advantages:

  • Actively looks for defects while mapping your eye
  • Can analyze your eye’s surface and make recommendations
  • Works with existing equipment
  • Creates a more accurate diagnosis
  • Allows for greater customizability
  • Helps the doctor work during surgery

You don’t need to worry about the costs and benefits of adding this onto your procedure: Seeta Eye Centers anticipates such great results from the ORA System’s use that we include it standard with any laser cataract surgery.

To learn more about the benefits created by the ORA System, contact Seeta Eye Centers at 845-454-1025  to schedule an appointment. Our experienced and skilled cataracts doctors serve patients from Highland, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie, and throughout the Hudson Valley.