Dr. Modi Scores High on LASIK Results

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When you are deciding whether to get laser vision correction surgery, you are likely considering a lot of factors - the cost, the impact it will have on your life, the different types of procedures available - but one factor you may overlook is the skill of your eye surgeon. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that every doctor will get similar results from a procedure. But your doctor's level of experience and comfort with the procedure can produce drastically different patient outcomes.

Another problem with determining surgeon quality is that hard data on an individual surgeon's performance can be difficult to find. Fortunately, in order to help people in the Hudson Valley area make more informed decisions, the Seeta Eye Centers' own Dr. Satish S. Modi had Alcon Surgivision compare his surgical results to those of an average eye doctor. These numbers show why having a talented ophthalmologist can make a definite difference in your laser eye surgery.

Here is what the numbers say about patients treated by Dr. Modi:

  • 100% of them had 20/40 vision or better 15 days after the procedure
  • 95% of them had 20/20 vision within 45 days of having the procedure
  • Their LASIK outcomes were better than average at every time period the study measured.

As you can tell, the surgical skill of your ophthalmologist can make a huge difference in the outcome of your laser vision correction surgery. Seeta Eye Centers tilts the odds in your favor by employing surgeons like Dr. Modi and giving them access to the best technology, facilities, and support staff currently available. When you go to Seeta, you can expect the best.

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