Does Your Eye Color Affect Your Vision?

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Different Colored EyesEye color is determined by specific variations in an individual’s genes. While brown is the most common eye color, found in up to 79% of all humans, there are five other possible iris colors that can be found in people:

  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Hazel

Green is the least common eye color with some studies finding only 2% of the world’s population to possess this specific color iris.

Melanin and Eye Color

Melanin is responsible for the color in our eyes. This naturally occurring pigment can be found in the skin, eyes, and hair of humans and animals. Research suggests melanin may help protect against UV damage, including various types of cancer.

Eye Color and Vision

Many genetic factors can impact your vision. The color of your eyes is not one of them. However, the amount of melanin in your eyes can impact your sensitivity to sunlight.

The melanin in your eyes impacts how color is reflected and absorbed. People with darker eyes have more melanin and may experience fewer problems with glare – both from natural and artificial light sources – and may have an easier time driving at night.

People with less melanin in their irises have lighter eyes. These individuals may be more susceptible to glare and light sensitivity. They may also be more prone to develop UV-related vision conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

To prevent UV damage, people with light colored eyes should wear protective sunglasses at all times when outside during the day. Proper use of sunglasses helps reduce risks for vision loss and is a good idea for people with darker irises as well.

Having Difficulties?

Vision can change as we age. If your vision is changing and making tasks like reading more difficult, it’s time to call our office to schedule an examination.

There are several vision disorders that can be effectively treated or significantly delayed through swift treatment. Waiting, however, may result in additional – potentially permanent – vision loss. Taking action now may help ensure clear vision into the future.

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