Do Your Eyes Hurt Reading This? Dealing with Eye Strain

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Pain Caused by Eye Strain | Highland, NY | Seeta Eye CentersKeeping your face feet away from a glowing screen for hours at a time can be a pain. That’s not just a figure of speech: many of the eye care exams Seeta Eye Centers conducts at our Highland-area practice show people suffering from visible signs of eye strain. If you have ever looked at a screen until your eyes started throbbing with pain, you’ve experienced it before.

Not all eye strain is so severe, however—or so obvious. Other symptoms include:

  • Eyes that frequently feel irritated
  • Eyes that feel dry or tear up often
  • Vision that blurs or goes out of focus
  • Light sensitivity
  • Neck and back pain

There are several steps you can take to mitigate eye strain and the pain it causes. If your monitor is a few years old, consider swapping it out for a new one that is built to reduce eye strain. Work using proper lighting, minimizing the surrounding glare and excessive outdoor lighting. And be sure to take breaks from work if you feel your eyes working too hard.

A comprehensive eye exam can show if your eye strain is a symptom of other conditions that require treatment. Seeta Eye Centers has the ophthalmologists necessary to examine your eyes and diagnose other conditions that may be an issue. To schedule an appointment with our Highland eye doctors today, call 845-454-1025 . We have locations in Yorktown and Poughkeepsie.