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Patients shopping around for the best LASIK price in NY should exercise due caution and beware of low LASIK prices with hidden costs you don’t know about at many discount LASIK centers. “We make the cost of bladeless LASIK in NY affordable for almost anyone at Seeta Eye Centers. Anyone who wishes to minimize their dependence on or even eliminate the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses to see at distance is pleased and surprised in a positive way by our flexible monthly payment plans and other ways to fit LASIK into your budget,” commented Stacey Koch, Refractive Surgery Coordinator at Seeta Eye Centers serving the Hudson Valley region of NY with offices in Poughkeepsie, Yorktown and Carmel, New York. “We hear from too many patients who shop for the best price for LASIK and end up getting an unpleasant surprise,” noted Ms. Koch. “Reputable and trusted LASIK surgeons tend to quote fees for LASIK that are comprehensive fees-that is they include everything you need to have LASIK and its associated evaluations and follow up care-regardless of your prescription”, she explained.

What patients seeking bladeless LASIK in NY should know is that discount LASIK centers that offer the lure of the best price for LASIK often quote a price for LASIK that is right on the edge of being deceptive in that it uses the lowest price to draw you in for an evaluation and get you excited about the possibility of having LASIK but then presenting you with hidden costs and fees. These hidden costs and fees can include an additional fee for your prescription that was not within the advertised range. It can include an extra hidden cost of LASIK for astigmatism. It can include an additional hidden cost for follow up care. It may include an extra hidden cost for custom wavefront LASIK or an add on hidden cost for enhancements-and on and on.

Hidden costs and fees for LASIK are somewhat typical of the sales and marketing practices of certain discount centers. LASIK is surgery. “You should choose a LASIK surgeon based on their reputation as recommended by friends and relatives and NOT based on the best price. Choosing a LASIK surgeon based on the best price alone could set you up for a number of hidden costs you can’t even understand and end up costing you more in the long run,” summarized Ms. Koch

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