Choosing Cataract Lens Implants in NY

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“Choosing a lens implant for vision correction after cataract surgery is an important decision,” commented NY Cataract Surgeon Satish Modi, M.D. of Seeta Eye Centers in Poughkeepsie, New York. “Not too long ago, the decision on the exact type of lens implant to use was the sole responsibility of your eye surgeon”, explained Andreas Wolter, M.D. “Today, with advanced technology lens implants that can correct astigmatism after cataract surgery or even the  near vision problems caused by the  age related focusing problem presbyopia, we like to discuss the  options with patients so that  together we can choose the most appropriate lens implant for the lifestyle needs of each patient,” remarked Dr. Wolter.

Dr. Modi went on to explain, “As part of your cataract evaluation we make a recommendation for each patient based on a number of factors including the patient’s prescription, the overall health of their eyes, whether they have any other health problems such as diabetes and most importantly how they use their eyes throughout their daily routine.”

A type of lens implant called an aspheric lens implant seems to give the sharpest, most crisp vision-but only corrects distance vision and requires you to wear reading glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery. This might be fine for a truck driver who needs cataract surgery, but might not be the best choice for a sales clerk who uses his or her eyes at many distances all day. A type of lens implant called a is often selected for cataract patients who have astigmatism correction their eyeglasses. If you have a toric lens implant to correct your vision after cataract Surgery you will still need to correct you near vision to see up close with reading glasses of some sort. For those patients who do a number of things throughout the day that require seeing far away, at arm’s length-say for the computer and also to see up close, if you are a good candidate we can offer you a multifocal lens implantthat corrects near vision and presbyopia and so it will help you see at a range of distances without being totally dependent on eyeglasses.

Choosing a lens implant is a joint effort between you and your eye surgeon. It is not your decision alone. It’s not like buying a pair of shoes or a car where you can ask your friends for a good “brand” or you can read a brochure or see a TV commercial and then you can choose. It requires the careful evaluation and recommendation of skilled and experienced cataract surgeons to help you make the best choice.

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