August is National Eye Exam Month

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National Eye Exam month falls in August of each year—just in time for back to school. Vision correction is needed by over 12 million Americans, but nearly half of all children under 12 have never had their eyes examined by an ophthalmologist. In Highland, the best way to catch a vision problem that can interfere with learning is a thorough eye exam.

Reasons to Get Checked

An estimated one in every four children has vision problems. For millions of kids this can make school much harder. School screenings can catch some vision issues, but they are no substitute for an ophthalmological eye exam. If your child struggles with reading or has other learning difficulties, an unknown vision problem may be the cause.

Other reasons to get your own or your child’s eyes checked include:

  • Preventing Headaches: Unexplained headaches may indicate a vision problem. In addition, your ophthalmologist can sometimes diagnose migraine headaches while ruling out dangerous eye problems.
  • Keeping Prescriptions Right: Vision changes with time, so if you already need glasses or contact lenses, it is important to have an exam each year to make sure the prescription is correct.
  • Detecting Eye Conditions:  Your ophthalmologist can detect early signs of diabetes, glaucoma, and even high blood pressure or high cholesterol during a routine eye exam.
  • Prevent Eye Diseases:  Many serious eye diseases do not have obvious symptoms. Conditions like macular degeneration or cataracts can be caught early when treatment is most effective.

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