Age-Related Vision Loss

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September is Healthy Aging Month. What are you doing to care for your eyes? Learn about age-related vision loss and preventative measures by calling Seeta Eye Centers today. September is Healthy Aging Month and a perfect time to review habits that can speed age-related vision loss. Some vision loss, such as that caused by presbyopia, is unavoidable. However, vision loss from many other disorders and diseases that become more likely with age is not. This is one of the biggest reasons men and women over the age of 65 should visit our Yorktown or Poughkeepsie offices annually for examinations.

Age-related vision loss is most often related to:

Barring presbyopia, all of these age-related eye problems can lead to a complete loss of vision.

How we can Help

Presbyopia can be dealt with through prescription eyewear or more permanently an IOL or monovision LASIK. Our Highland ophthalmologists offer all three solutions and can work with you individually to find the best one for your lifestyle and needs.

Cataracts are treated through the surgical replacement of the clouded lens. We offer bladeless cataract surgery along with a comprehensive selection of artificial lenses that can be used to both eliminate cataracts and improve general vision.

Glaucoma and macular degeneration are not treatable conditions, but their progression can be slowed through lifestyle changes and certain medications. These same lifestyle changes can help prevent or slow the development of these vision disorders as well.

How You can Help

You can help slow the progression of age-related vision loss by leading a healthier lifestyle. Some of the most effective protective measures include:

  • Not smoking
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Taking supplements
  • Wearing sunglasses when outside during the day

These small steps can have a profound impact on your visual and physical health. We can discuss these things in greater detail during your routine visits to one of our Hudson Valley locations.

To learn about the many services we offer or to schedule an appointment at our Poughkeepsie or Yorktown office, please call Seeta Eye Centers at 845-454-1025  today. Our ophthalmologists serve Highland, New York and surrounding Ulster and Dutchess County communities.